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Heart Valve Therapy

1. How long does heart surgery takes place?
On an overage, heart surgery takes place around 3-4 hours in the operating room. Doctors will take around 1 hour before and after the surgery.

2. What tests are required for TAVR?
The first test to diagnose severe aortic stenosis is an ultrasound test which is known as echocardiography. There is need of heart catheterization which is used to rule out significant heart disease.

3. How long will an artificial valve last?
In majority of the cases, a valve lasts up to 25 years which means that your artificial valve will last for the rest of your life.

4. Why is Commissurotomy needed?
It is a type of open heart surgery which is required to repair a mitral valve that is narrowed from mitral valve stenosis.

5. Is valvuloplasty suggested to older people?
No, it is not appropriate for older people with stenosis. Older people typically need aortic valve replacement.

6. What happens after the procedure of TAVI?
You will be taken to the intensive care unit to monitor. You will require one night stay in the ICU and discharged home in 3 to 5 days.