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What Is The Need For Mitral Valve Surgery Of Heart?

If you don’t belong, to the medical background, understanding of mitral valve surgery could be tiresome. Let’s make it easier for you. To begin with any heart valve surgery, you need to know there are four valves in the heart that keep the blood flowing in the right direction for the proper functioning of your heart. Out of the four valves, one of valve is known as the mitral valve. Basically, all valves have flaps, this can be compared with sunflower who’s petals blossoms during sunshine & than closes when sun is set, similarly these flaps opens and shuts with each pulse. But the problem arrives when the valves don't open whether mitral valve or aortic valve. Aortic valve valvuloplasty in India is performed in such scenario. One of my uncles was diagnosed with mitral valve disease, at that time while consultation with best cardiology doctor in Gurgaon suggested not delaying it and therefore it immediately got treated in best heart hospital in Gurugram as he stays there. As heart is an apex part of our body, Surgeons performing mitral valve repair in Gurgaon mentioned to take immediate measures in such scenarios.

Mitral valve surgery is recommended when:-

• The mitral valve becomes hard which blocks blood from moving forward via the valve.

• The mitral valve becomes unsteady. In such a case blood tends to flow backward.

Majorly, there are three techniques of performing mitral valve surgery, namely:-

• Least invasive mitral valve surgery, here several small incisions are made in the heart,

• Open mitral valve surgery or commonly referred to as open-heart surgery requires a larger cut.

• A robotic mitral valve repair surgery

Signs of mitral valve regurgitation are as follows:-

• Unusual heart murmurs

• Difficulty in breathing.

• Drowsiness

• Frequent heartbeat fluctuations.

• Mild headache

Mitral valve disease is often moderate in beginning and advances thereafter. Few people don’t even possess these symptoms still they suffer through this disease.

Fundamentally it depends upon the severity of symptoms that a patient undergoes. Apart from it, the unusual heart murmur when detected is a reason that you may undergo mitral valve regurgitation. Your doctor may physically scrutinize you and ask you about your medical history. After that based on the severity of the use, the doctor may suggest for surgery. Often doctors prefer repairing mitral valve rather than replacing it because the replacement of the mitral valve is associated with many risks. In cases where conditions are controllable, doctors prescribe medication for that instead of the operation.

However, in long run, the mitral valve needs to be repaired or replaced even if you are not detected with its symptoms because research signifies that performing surgery in a person with severe mitral valve regurgitation, instead of just examine the condition, can improve long-term outcomes. Moreover, doctors also examine if any other heart surgery needs to be performed than both surgeries are performed at once.

Based on your medical conditions, the doctor will suggest whether mitral valve repair or valve replacement would be apt for you. In certain extreme conditions where mitral valve repair isn’t possible, doctors may have to perform mitral valve replacement.

In either of the surgery be it valve repair or replacement there's always an associated risk involved like Bleeding, Blood clots, Valve dysfunction in cases of replacement valves surgery, heart rhythm problems, risk of infection, Stroke or death.

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