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What Is A Leaky Heart Valve? How Serious Is The Condition?

The leaky heart valve is technically referred to as mitral valve regurgitation and doctors recommend treatments ranging from medications to surgeries such as robotic mitral valve surgery depending upon the severity of the condition. The condition of mitral regurgitation is caused by abnormal closing of the mitral valve which facilitates a backward flow of blood to the heart. If the condition is mild then, the reach and blood flow from the heart to the remaining body is not affected but any disturbance to the blood flow due to insufficient reach can become severe that needs to be treated immediately.

The progression of leakage in the mitral valve can develop because of mitral valve prolapse in which the leaflets of the mitral valve bulge back into the left atrium when the heart is contracting, this flaws the closing of mitral valve leading to leakage. Secondly, cardiomyopathy can enlarge the left ventricle resulting in enhanced flexibility of the tissue around the mitral valve which interferes with the closing of the mitral valve again causing leakage. Conditions such as Rheumatic fever and Trauma can also be responsible for causing leakage in the mitral valve. Heart conditions namely, damaged tissue cords, endocarditis, heart attack, atrial fibrillation, and congenital heart defects are some of the underlying cause also. In addition to these causes, damage from radiation therapy and trauma which is focused on the chest area can trigger the abnormal functioning of the mitral valve.

A major problem with mitral regurgitation is the symptoms it manifests. Basically, diagnosing mitral regurgitation becomes difficult because the progression of the disease is quite slow and o such symptoms can be recognized in its early stages. In some cases, the symptoms instantly peak after a point of progression in the leakage of the mitral valve which requires an immediate course of treatment for recovery. An expert of robotic cardiac surgery states that the common symptom which potentially points towards the existence of a leaky heart valve is the sound of murmur when listened through a stethoscope, it arrives from the leakage of blood to the heart in the backward direction.  If an individual is experiencing shortness of breath particularly when they are indulged in an active lifestyle or are resting, then, mitral regurgitation could be a possible cause. Unexplained fatigue and swelling in the feet or ankles are likewise manifestations of mitral regurgitation. Similar to these symptoms, sensations of a rapid heartbeat (heart palpitations) are included as the possible symptoms of mitral regurgitation.

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