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What Is A Double Bypass Heart Surgery?

Heart bypass surgery is the most common surgery which is performed on adults. Doctors usually have a variety of opinions when it comes to fixing a blockage in the heart. They recommend the bypass surgery when one or more than one of the blood vessels which transports the blood to the heart muscles become partially blocked.

It is an extremely complicated surgery which involves a remarkable amount of preparation and a lot of recovery time. Most of the time, the surgery is planned but in some cases patients have to go through emergency bypass surgery also. The surgery involves taking a healthy blood vessel from your arm, chest or your leg and connecting it beyond the arteries that are blocked in your heart. Mitral valve repair/replacement is a procedure that is performed to treat the diseases of the mitral valve, which is the valve located between the left heart chambers. Robotic mitral valve replacement is a less invasive type of procedure. Although there are limitations about safety and efficacy, data suggests that robotic mitral valve replacement has yielded excellent results when performed by specialized surgeons on selected patients. Another well-known procedure is valvuloplasty which repairs the heart valve that has a narrowed opening. It is also known as balloon valvuloplasty. One can find many centers of cardiac valvuloplasty in India. The procedure improves your blood flow through the valve and decreases your symptoms. Cardiac valvuloplasty in India is one of the safest and more frequent procedures.

Comparatively, it is a safe and effective procedure, but it does not cure the heart diseases that are caused by blockages. It can, however, ease other symptoms like shortness of breath and chest pain. It can also reduce the risk of dying from heart disease and can greatly improve heart function. India is home to some of the highly trained heart doctors and one can expect to get world-class treatment in places like Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, and Mumbai. One will find some of the top heart doctors in Gurgaon especially. These top heart doctors in Gurgaon are chosen after years of rigorous training and possess a range of abilities, knowledge and technical skills. They must make life or death decisions with whatever little information they have, relying on their intuition and instincts and on their education.

A double heart bypass procedure is performed by a cardiothoracic surgeon, who are trained specially in surgical treatments of the chest issues like composite graft surgery, minimal invasive heart surgeries and more. However, in this case, it will be performed by a surgeon who is specially trained in heart issues. The surgery (where in coronary bypass graft marker is used) start by giving the patient general anesthesia, which means the muscles of the patient’s body will be paralyzed and they will have a breathing tube placed so air can be provided through a ventilator. Since the blood vessels are taken from another area of the body, the skin is also prepared. The skin is typically taken from the leg and is grafted onto the heart vessels. By doing this, the blood is being rerouted around the blockage in the vessel. Usually, a surgeon will be working on the chest and their assistant will be working on the leg, this shortens the time of the surgery and makes it more efficient.

The rerouting of the blood vessels, the heart receives the blood that it needs and that helps in preventing heart damage. This procedure cannot be done on a working heart so the heart also needs to be stopped in order to perform this surgery. When this happens, a heart-lung bypass machine is fixed which provides blood and oxygen to the body. Once the procedure is complete, the machine is turned off and the heart is restarted. Many patients will still have tubes in the chest, which is important to prevent the build-up of blood around the heart.

After the surgery, the patient can expect a much better quality of life. Complications are unusual but they are possible. Patients will experience a decrease in chest pain and shortness of breath and other symptoms related to blocked arteries and most importantly the risk of heart attack and death.

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