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What are the Complications of the TAVI Procedure

TAVI or transcatheter aortic valve implantation is a surgical procedure performed in case of an aortic stenosis. Aortic stenosis is a condition where the aortic valve is unable to open and close completely. This causes stress and pressure on the heart making it difficult for it to work. The common symptoms of an aortic stenosis consist of breathlessness, chest pain, and dizziness and in rare cases, blackouts.

Traditionally, and mostly today too, an open heart valve replacement surgery is the solution for the treatment of an aortic stenosis. But with people, who are ill or not fit to go through an open heart procedure, TAVI is the solution. TAVI heart valve replacement surgery in gurgaon is undergone through highly experienced doctors and team of nurses and technicians, who make sure that the procedure proceeds without a hitch.

A TAVI heart valve replacement procedure is a surgical procedure performed using a catheter, a long narrow tube. The surgeons insert the catheter through a large blood vessel in the groin area or through an incision in the chest.

Like any other surgery, transcatheter aortic valve implantation surgery also has some risks involved with it. The common risks of a surgery like bleeding and infection in the incision area are present. But other than that there can be some other complications like myocardial infarction, stroke, acute kidney injury, vascular complications, and valve performance.

The above mentioned risks are negligible is the procedure is performed with care and under the scrutiny of an experienced doctor. There are three stages that make sure that the patient won’t suffer from any complications. Stage one occurs before the surgery where the doctor performs a thorough physical checkup of the patient to make sure that no medication or procedure used during or after the surgery would cause any negative side effects. The second stage is during the surgery, where the doctor and his or her team keep a close eye on the patient’s vitals so that the surgery is successful. And lastly, after the surgery, the patient is given a special care plan which discusses the littlest of things that the patient and his or her family needs to be careful about.

The patient is also provided with some post recovery medications to make sure that the heart keeps working in a good condition. Physical exercise and healthy diet are also two things that the doctors ask the patient to follow religiously.

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