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What Are The Benefits Of Robotic Cardiac Surgery?

Robotic cardiac surgery is a type of minimally invasive cardiac surgery performed with the help of robotically assisted tools. The procedure has brought about a revolution in the medical world by adding to the precision and accuracy. The surgery is commonly referred to as da vinci surgery after the manufacturer of the robot used in the procedure. Robotic surgery can be used to treat a wide range of cardiological problems and includes procedures like heart valve surgery like valve replacement and valve repair, artery bypass, Cardiac tissue ablation, tumour removal etc. Robotic mitral valve repair surgery and similar procedures are offered at all the leading heart hospitals in India.

The procedure is performed under the influence of anaesthesia. A keyhole-sized incision is them made on the side of the patient's chest in a manner that it aligns with the gap between the patient's ribs. In some cases, the patient may even be placed on a heart-lung machine to ensure the continuous flow of blood in the body. Depending upon what type of procedure is to be performed, the surgeon will introduce certain robotic arms inside the patient's body via the same hole. The equipment to be used for the procedure is attached to these arms. A small camera is also used during the procedure to generate live images of the affected area thereby making it possible for the doctors to keenly observe the whole procedure. Once the procedure is completed, the arms are removed and the hole is closed.

The various benefits of Robotic Cardiac surgery are mentioned below:

Unlike traditional surgery, there is no need to remove the breastbone to access the affected area. The procedure is minimally invasive and hence guarantees a shorter recovery period.

The camera used during the procedure helps to provide a magnified vision of the affected region thereby adding to the precision and accuracy.

The surgery guarantees lesser trauma as compared to traditional surgery.

There is no unnecessary blood loss during the procedure. This is the reason why surgery can even be performed on patients suffering from diabetes and hypertension.

Since there are no large cuts involved, there are considerably reduced chances of infection.

Unlike the traditional surgery, after which you are required to stay in the hospital for weeks, you are immediately discharged within a day or two.

You can return back to a normal lifestyle within a few days.

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