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Use of Bypass Graft Markers in CABG Surgery

Coronary artery bypass graft surgery is a medical procedure used to remove or treat coronary arteries that have been adversely affected and damaged by arterial stenosis. The surgery involves the use of a graft that is created artificially and requires very high accuracy and precision to be placed in the right spot. Coronary artery bypass graft surgeries are very complicated and even a small mistake during the procedure can prove to be fatal for the patient. Although the surgery has a very high success rate but there have also been cases where the surgery has failed mainly due to inaccurate placement of the graft which leads to blood leaks. In order to avoid this problem coronary bypass graft Markers can be used. These are small wires used to mark the boundaries of the affected arteries in order to give the precise location for graft placement. Heart Valve Therapy is one of the best options for buying all kinds of instruments and equipment needed for Coronary artery bypass graft surgery. They are the leading producers of Coronary Bypass Graft Marker in Gurgaon.

Heart is the most important part of the circulatory system and its continuous and proper functioning is vital for a healthy life. The heart along with a wide network of veins, blood vessels and arteries is responsible for the free flow of blood throughout our body. The free circulation of blood is extremely important as this blood is loaded with oxygen, which is carried to various organs of the body. A small blockage in the path of blood can prove to be very dangerous. Sometimes our arteries can lose their elasticity and become narrowed hereby creating a barrier which prevents the normal flow of blood. This condition is known as arterial stenosis and is caused by the excessive accumulation of plaque on the walls of the arteries. Plaque refers to the various impurities like fats, cholesterol and calcium present in our blood. These have a tendency of sticking on the walls of the arteries and valves, leading to various serious cardiovascular problems.

Arterial stenosis can be easily treated by a Coronary artery bypass graft surgery. The surgery helps in improving the flow of blood to the heart which in turn relieves the patient of severe chest pain and discomfort and prevents various chronic heart problems as well. The surgical procedure can either be traditional i.e. open heart surgery or minimally invasive depending upon the choice of the patient as well as his eligibility to undergo the procedure.

In the traditional surgery, a long, deep incision is made on the chest of the patient and the chest bone is opened to easily access the heart. The heart is stopped by the use of certain medicines and a ventilator is used to perform its functions throughout the surgery. Hence the heart is made still as it is easier to operate on a still heart. The graft is carefully placed in its position and the cut is then stitched up. As far as the minimally invasive surgery is concerned, it is carried out when making a very small incision or holes on the left side of the chest. A catheter is passed via these and introduced inside the arteries, from where it is moved toward the damaged area. Once the catheter is in the right spot, the graft is place at its position.

However most of the coronary artery bypass graft surgery fails within 5-6 years and the patient again starts experiencing symptoms like chest pain, breathlessness, fatigue and palpitation. This happens when the graft is not placed in the proper position. Coronary bypass graft markers come handy in such situations. These are small circular ring like structures that are used the Mark the two ends of the damaged artery, hereby making it easier to place the graft in its proper position. These also prove helpful in later cardiac catheterizations. Use of bypass graft markers is one of the most efficient ways of locating the graft sites.

Bypass graft markers prove very beneficial in emergency situation. When a person who has already received a Coronary artery bypass graft surgery suddenly experiences some cardiovascular problem and needs immediate medical supervision, tests and screenings to detect the site of the previous surgery might delay the process of treatment and prove fatal for the patient. In such cases if the patient has the area marked by bypass graft markers, it becomes easier for the doctor to detect the site and start the treatment immediately. Although the idea is not very common but it is extremely beneficial.

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