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Robotic Mitral Valve Surgery: Why Is It A Success?

The unending cases of medical problems are threatening the population of this world, but with a positive spirit, various scientific breakthroughs are also being witnessed. Especially, this has been visible in the sphere of medical care for cardiovascular problems. Initially, open heart surgery was one of the traditional ways to treat patients but now many scientifically advanced surgical procedures have found use such as minimally invasive surgery and laparoscopic procedures. In recent years, robotic mitral valve surgery has been approached by experts and it has proven to be worthy of its name and work.

Robotic mitral valve surgery offers various advantages over other forms of surgical intervention against mitral valve problems. Unlike other surgical procedures for mitral valve problems, robotic mitral valve surgery is associated with a minimized risk of complications during and after the operation. As with the other, the success rates of their treatments decrements because of the linked complications the complexity of the medical problem and if proper measures are not taken, the outcome can be life-threatening. In this regards, robotic mitral valve surgery has an upper hand over the other surgeries. In addition to a minimized risk of complications, robotic mitral valve surgery is effective in stalling the complication of regurgitation.

The showdown for the proclaimed success of robotic mitral valve surgery can be associated with its positive numbers of survival rate after the operation; backed by a well-researched report, this statement stands true. In an interview, Rakesh M. Suri, MD, DPhil, from the department of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery at Cleveland Clinic stated that the success rate of robotic mitral valve surgery is almost hundred percent and it is eligible for all patients who are suffering from degenerative mitral valve disease.

Considering all these factors, it becomes evident why robotic mitral valve surgery gained momentum as a preferred form of surgical intervention for treating mitral valve diseases. Thereby, the advantages offered by robotic mitral valve surgery are huge and it owes it to the methodology behind the operation. But on the other hand, the very scientific nature of robotic mitral valve surgery limits it to certain top-rated medical institutions of the country.

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