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Mitral Valve Repair: Benefits And Risks For Heart

Mitral valve surgery is the surgery to either repair or replaces the mitral valve in a person’s heart. When the blood flows from the lungs it enters into a chamber in the heart called left atrium. During the cyclical movement, the blood flows to the final chamber of the heart called left ventricle. The repair and TAVR valve replacement in India and/or mitral valvuloplasty in India may be suggested by the doctor in case of nay mitral disease. There are several surgical procedures available to replace or repair the mitral valve presently.

It is the best option for almost all the patients with a leaking/regurgitant mitral valve and also for those who have a narrow/stenotic mitral valve. When compared to mitral valvuloplasty surgery (replacement), mitral valve repair provides better preservation of heart functions, long term survival and lower risk of complications. Along with that it also prevents the need for utilizing long term blood thinners.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of mitral valve replacement surgery:

  1. It gives a longer life, like better early and late survival.
  2. With this surgery, the lifestyle changes and is enhanced in turn.
  3. Heart function develops and works efficiently.
  4. There is a minimal risk of heart stroke and infection of any sort.
  5. The patient does not need to use anti-coagulant for the blood process.

Everything has its benefits and risks; similarly, mitral valve surgery has some risks associated with it, they are as follows:

  1. The risk for asymptomatic patients is 1 in 1000 after surgery.
  2. In the case of symptomatic patients, the risk remains under 1%.
  3. The presence of coronary artery disease or other heart diseases will affect this surgery too.

The durability of mitral valve surgery ranges depending upon the case. Some studies suggest that 95% of the patients are free from reoperation after 10 years of surgery; this case can also be seen for 20 years in many cases. So in case of successful mitral valve surgery, a reoperation is not common. An echocardiogram is suggested annually to keep a check of the valve functions and check for any changes if required. Patients who have undergone valve surgery are always suggested to be careful to prevent any risk associated with it.

It is important for a patient to choose a correct health centre or hospital for getting this surgery done as the medical professionals should be experienced in this area. This has lesser complications and post-operative problems present. The doctors, surgeons, nurses and other medical team handling the patient we have, have an idea of the current status, case history, other ailments and the past studies about mitral valve surgery, thus working as best TAVR surgeon in Delhi NCR. Trans-catheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) is a minimally invasive procedure which is used to replace aortic veins. We perform TAVR surgery in India.

Though surgery is one solution, the patient needs to be careful throughout his/her life. They need to take proper care of their lifestyle, daily routine and keep the mental stress at bay.

A mitral valve replacement surgery boosts the life of the patient by providing them with a better lifestyle and late survival. The heart functions are preserved.  A mitral valve repair is more challenging then mitral valve replacement. Experienced surgeons are able to repair the valve successfully and easily as compared to new or less experienced surgeons, in which case replacement also works fairly well. In any of the case there is our guarantee of a firsthand treatment and better help to all our patients.

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