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How successful is artificial intelligence in mitral valve surgery

Mitral valve surgery is a minimally invasive surgery that is performed to repair or replace a damaged mitral valve. The mitral valve is one of the four valves that separate the four different chambers of the heart. With the rise in technology developments in the field of medical sciences, scientists and doctors have together come up with robotic mitral valve surgery, which involves the use of the latest technology to treat problems related to the mitral valve.

Heart is the most important organ in the body and performs the task of pumping blood to the various organs of the body. The normal functioning of the heart and its various parts is vital for a normal and healthy life. Problem or defect in any part of the heart can adversely affect the normal functioning of the heart and lead to chronic health issues. The mitral valve is also an important part of the heart as it collects the oxygenated blood coming from the lungs regulates the flow of this blood from the left atrium to the left ventricle. In case of patients suffering from mitral valve prolapse, there is a leakage or backward flow of blood which results in fatigue, anxiety, difficulty in breathing, chest pain, unconsciousness, palpitations and irregular heartbeats.

The treatment usually involves intake of medicines like aspirin and other blood thinners however in chronic case of mitral valve prolapse, a surgery might be required. 

There are generally two types of surgeries namely valve replacement surgery and valve repair surgery. With the increase in technology there has been a lot of development in medical world and with the use of latest researches and studies, artificial intelligence has gained tremendous popularity due to its immense advantages. Artificial intelligence has a huge impact on medical science ranging from latest gadgets used for diagnosing the illness to devices used for treatment. One of the greatest contributions of artificial intelligence to the medical world is the robotic mitral valve surgery.

Robotic mitral valve surgery is one of the most common robotic cardiological surgeries performed today. Robotic surgeries are minimally invasive surgeries. The greatest advantage of robotic mitral valve surgery is that it has made it possible to make smaller and less invasive incisions thereby reducing the amount of pain significantly. Robotic mitral valve surgeries are more accurate and as compared to as compared to other mitral valve treatment surgeries. The incisions are quite small hence the amount of blood loss is less and the time of recovery is also reduced up to a great extent. Since the technology is precise and efficient hence there are very few chances of being exposed to complications and risks. Robotic surgery is used in cases where minimal incisions are needed.

Robotic mitral valve surgery is quite safe and is widely recommended by most of the surgeons due to its efficiency and less complications. Robotic mitral valve surgery also proves very helpful in treating patients suffering from other chronic problems that make them incompatible for the traditional surgical methods.

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