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How To Manage A Heart Attack After Mitral Valve Repair?

Mitral valve repair surgery is primarily performed to mend the damages in the mitral valve which arose from its narrowing or blockage, in turn, these problems had led to a weakening of the heart. This is the gist for performing mitral valve repair surgery and there are a variety of ways to do it right from balloon mitral valvuloplasty to minimally invasive mitral valve repair surgery. It certainly gives the idea of a healthy heart once the repair of the mitral valve is complete which is true but to some extent. I learned this when my aunt suffered a heart attack even after undergoing the advanced robotic mitral valve repair in Gurgaon. Thankfully, she received the apt course of emergency treatment with personal care and soon she recovered. But it did leave us with a lesson to not ignore the associated risks of side-effects and complications which are linked with any type of surgical treatment especially in case of cardiovascular conditions.

Her post-surgical condition did not occur because she was operated with mitral surgery in Gurgaon and not some high-tech hospital in the metropolitan cities of the country. You should know about the development scale of scientific progress in the smaller cities which is proof of the fact that technology is not limited by geography. The point to make here is this, the possibility of a heart attack is known as a post-surgical risk of mitral valve repair surgery. The way out from this possible risk is to keep both your heart and your overall well-being healthy.

In a co-authored paper researched by Christina M. Vassileva, MD, Naseem Ghazanfari, MD, John Spertus, MD, Christian McNeely, BS, Stephen Markwell, MA, and Stephen Hazelrigg, MD, titled “Heart Failure Readmission After Mitral Valve Repair and Replacement: Five-Year Follow-Up in the Medicare Population”, it was reported that ‘throughout the 5 years of follow-up, HF readmission rates for patients with preoperative HF were double those without preoperative HF, irrespective of the operation type.’  This clarifies the possibility of heart failure in higher rate if the patient had already suffered from heart failure before the operation through mitral valve repair surgery. Therefore, patients with a medical history of heart failure should give more attention to their health post mitral valve repair surgery.

Another point to notice is the impact and extent of the preoperative heart failure, it is a deciding factor for the possibility of another heart attack post mitral valve surgery. If a patient experienced preoperative heart failure then, they go through the double relative risk of experiencing heart failure after mitral valve repair surgery. Such serious risk leaves us with exploring non-surgical alternatives for repairing the mitral valve. Mitral valve repair surgeon can suggest options in this case such as medications and lifestyle changes. Most importantly, they will recommend the safest advice with respect to the overall health of the patient.

This brings us to an important factor of overall wellbeing, age. As in the case of my aunt, she was almost 65 years when she was operated with robotic mitral valve replacement in Gurgaon. Her natural age made her more vulnerable to a heart attack, this is not a usual complication to be encountered in a patient of young age who undergoes mitral valve repair surgery. Age needs to be considered, it is also decisive when the choice of artificial valve for mitral valve replacement is to be made, either biological or mechanical. In short, a heart attack can be a potential risk after mitral valve repair surgery. In fact, consider all the possible risks before making any choice.

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