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How Successful Is Surgery For Arrhythmia?

The various hospitals for mitral valve surgery in gurgaon and Delhi are working on the methodology of surgical interventions to create a new rate of increase in the number of successful outcomes. Basically, the success of surgery for treating heart Arrhythmias is measured in terms of the patient's normal heartbeat and their overall well being (lack or absence of post-surgical risks of complications and side-effects). In clear terms, the presence of optimal sinus rhythm is essential for determining the success of the surgical interventions performed for treating heart Arrhythmias especially, the Atrial fibrillation.

I have a friend who has dynamic experience in treating cases of cardiovascular problems even including the various types of mitral valve prolapse treatment. I contacted him to know how surgical interventions are performed, he stated that they are modified in a more nuanced and scientific way to enhance the success rates of operations for different types of heart arrhythmias. One has to understand that the job of treatment of arrhythmia cannot be compared with mitral valve repair doctors because unlike the latter the former can be left untreated if it is asymptomatic. Basically, the point to make is that heart arrhythmia is one of those conditions which only become a severe condition when they start to cause symptoms if the case is not so, then no such treatment is required to control the problem.

The several factors which are taken into consideration before providing the type of surgical treatment that would fit the patients overall well being and yield most probably with some positive results. As his experience as a heart specialist in gurgaon in quite a reputed hospital, he states, the success of surgical interventions are not guaranteed if the patient is not eligible to undergo an operation. Also, the various factors such as the type of heart Arrhythmias, its impact on the patient's health, and all related consequences are responsible in this field.

For example, if you were to consult any hospital in the national capital which is known for their arrhythmia surgery in Delhi NCR, they will first make you aware of the condition, counselling sessions are important parts of this service. Then, detailed diagnostic assessments comprising of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests, Ultrasound, computed tomography (CT) scans, electrocardiography, blood test, stress tests, etc. are carried out for accurate results.

As per his experience in the field of cardiovascular treatments, if a patient is suffering from bradycardia which means that he or she has slower heartbeats than the optimal rates, then, the only option left in the majority of the cases is to implant a pacemaker. Whilst the cases of fast heartbeats, technically termed as tachycardias have options for treatments in addition to surgery, medications and vagal manoeuvres are some of them.

Surgical procedures include maze procedure and coronary artery bypass surgery. In the former procedure, typically, a maze is made out of the scar tissue to restrict the conduction of electricity by affecting the electric impulses of the heart. On the other hand, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (CABS) is performed when the patient is additionally suffering from severe coronary artery disease.

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