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How Effective Is TAVR Procedure In Preventing Stroke?

Transcatheter aortic valve replacement is a surgical procedure used to treat patients suffering from aortic stenosis, a condition marked by a severe blockage in the aortic valve. The problem is triggered by the accumulation of plaque (unwanted salt, oil, cholesterol and fat particles), old age or severe injury to the aortic valve. The condition if left untreated can lead to chronic problems like stroke, heart attack, heart failure or even death. As per the best TAVR surgeon in Delhi NCR, transcatheter aortic valve replacement can help to prevent such problems by treating the problem very effectively.

Stroke is a medical condition marked by the decreased flow of blood to the brain which results in the death of the brain cells. Stroke can result in a lack of sufficient blood supply or hemorrhage. The various symptoms include drooping or sagging of one side of the face, impaired speech, confusion, unexplained weakness and numbness in the limbs or one side of the body, headache, visual impairment, problem with remembering and recalling things, change in behavior, difficulty in moving, etc.

Transcatheter aortic valve replacement involves the use of a catheter fitted with a balloon on one of its ends, which is inserted inside the patient's body via the groin or a small incision made on the side of the patient's chest. The catheter is then directed towards the affected valve and once it is in the right position, the balloon is inflated to force open the walls of the valve to remove any sort of blockage due to plaque. This helps to pave the way for the placement of the artificial graft. The debris of this plaque can remain suspended in our blood and travel to the brain, thereby increasing the chance of having a stroke.

Transcatheter aortic valve replacement can help to prevent stroke by opening the aortic blockage. However, it is important to opt for cerebral embolic protection along with it as this helps to remove all the debris before it reaches the brain. This helps to reduce the chances of experiencing a stroke to a great extent. The procedure is recommended by doctors and surgeons worldwide due to its effectiveness.

If you are planning to undergo TAVR procedure, make sure you opt for cerebral embolic protection as well.

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