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How Cost-Effective Is TAVR Surgery?

For a long time, the field of surgical expertise regarding the treatment of patients, primarily for those who have been suffering from cardiovascular problems, it has been working on new techniques and mechanisms to offer such effective course of surgical treatments which could suit both the recovery and budget of the patients.

For anyone who knows the detailed demographics of the Indian subcontinent, they are aware of the economic equality persistent in the society and how a major section of this country falls in the category of middle-class economies. Therefore, in a country like India, the medical services especially the advanced ones such as mitral valvuloplasty surgery, they should be available at a reasonable price. Secondly, the deteriorating health factor of the Indian population is also no hidden fact. In all these conditions, providing a budget-friendly yet safe surgical treatment should be the ultimate goal of the medical sector of the country.

All this explanation was to bring you closer to the answer for 'how cost-effective is TAVR surgery?'. For the record, TAVR surgery in India is being recommended not only for the advantages it has to offer in terms of health prospects but also because it is eligible for reasonable expenditure as well.  In terms of the former benefits, TAVR surgery is a minimally invasive surgery (MIS) which makes it a great contender for quick recovery, short hospital stay, minimal scarring, and a reduced risk of associated side-effects and complications as with the other surgical procedures. Let alone the recommendations of the TAVR surgeon in Delhi NCR (considering this example because Delhi and NCR witness an amalgamation of population from the various parts of the country.), if you'll look at the various reports about TAVR surgery from the rest of the medical international sector, it will add to the claim that TAVR surgery is indeed cost-effective when compared with other medical alternatives available at hand. As per a report published by Vascular Specialist, Society for Vascular Surgery (Official Publication), it was stated that TAVR surgery is particularly cost-effective when compared with SAVR in intermediate risk patients. The point was elucidated with advantages of TAVR surgery in respect of over one and two year follow-up period and projected lifetime follow-up. Dr. David J. Cohen, Director of Cardiovascular research at the St. Luke's Mid America Heart Institute in the Kansas City, Mo stated at the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics annual educational meeting about the credibility of TAVR surgery as a cost-effective process.

Now, coming back to the field of TAVR valve replacement in India, it becomes important to acknowledge the economic demographics of the country. When we say TAVR surgery is cost-effective, it does not fit into the expenditure affordable by the economically weaker sections of the Indian society. In fact, the middle class which can be itself be dissected into three categories, namely, lower, middle, and higher. Not necessarily, all three of the middle class' categories can afford TAVR surgery. In most of the cases, TAVR surgery becomes a reasonable treatment for the higher middle class only. Likewise, there are many other cardiovascular treatments such as mitral valvuloplasty in India which are being developed to be eligible for medical facilities for possibly all sections of the society.

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