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Is Heart Bypass Surgery Successful with a Robot

The heart is the most vital organ of the human body that functions 24 hours a day without any halt and pumps blood to various different organs of the body thereby making sure that the oxygen present in this blood reaches all of these organs. The heart is a part of the circulatory system and carries out its work via a network of blood channels which include blood vessels and arteries. The continuous and normal functioning of the heart is very important for our existence and if the heart fails to perform its functions properly, it can lead to a number of serious health issues like heart stroke, heart failure or even death. The blood passing through the heart can be loaded with various unwanted impurities and particles like cholesterol, unwanted fats and salts which can get accumulated on the walls of the arteries leading to plaque formation. This plaque is very harmful as it hinders the normal flow of blood by creating a blockage which can only be removed by surgical methods. Sometimes the arteries may also get damaged due to old age as they tend to lose their elasticity with time.

Heart bypass surgery is one of the best ways to treat blocked or damaged arteries. If left untreated the problem can become serious and lead to immense pain and discomfort accompanied by fatigue, weakness, cold sweats, fever, nausea, unexplained loss of appetite and ultimately stroke or even death. The problem can affect people of all age groups but is more common and elderly people. Smokers also tend to be more vulnerable to develop blockage in the arteries. Although heart bypass surgery is the oldest way to treat damaged arteries but the procedure was beginning to lose its popularity owing to new minimally invasive procedures that not only provided high accuracy but also required lesser recovery time. The surgeries had a very high success rate due to the use of machines based on new and advanced technology. Although these surgeries prove to be very helpful but in cannot be used in case of seriously ill patients. Such patients can only be treated with the help of a heart bypass surgery.

Traditional heart bypass surgery can prove to be very risky in some patients especially those suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure, as the surgical procedure involves a lot of blood loss. In the traditional surgery the chest of the patient is cut wide open and the rib bones are adjusted so as to pave way for directly operating on the heart. Since the wound is very large and deep, the recovery period is quite long with increased chances of developing wound infections. The patient may also be required to take complete bed rest for several days to ensure that there is no complications.

With the help of robot, it has now become possible to conduct heart bypass surgery in a minimally invasive manner, thereby making it available for all the patients who could not undergo the traditional surgery. The first procedure has been already carried out by an Irish doctor. The procedure guarantees less pain and faster recovery just like other minimally invasive procedures like balloon angioplasty. The procedure was carried out with the help of a da Vinci XI robot and surgical system. The advent of minimally invasive Coronary artery bypass graft is one of the greatest achievements of medical history. It is a highly successful technique that can be used to treat very serious patient as well.

The procedure only requires a 5 cm insision on the patient's chest along with their smaller incision on the side. In case of the traditional surgery the size of the incision was approximately 30 to 35 cm. Unlike the traditional bypass surgery the patient needs not to be kept on the ventilator during the surgical procedure. One of the greatest pros of using robot in the surgery is that it has helped to precisely place the new artery in its correct position thereby giving highly efficient results.It is one of the greatest achievements in the medical history and can help to save numerous lives.

Heart bypass surgery or coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) is one of the most common ways of treating any kind of blockage in the arteries. Although minimally invasive methods like balloon angioplasty, that involves the use of catheter and balloon or stent placement, have become very popular now a days but these don't prove to be as helpful in case of seriously ill patients. Such patients require heart bypass surgery. HVT hospital, which is the best cardiology hospital in gurgaon, provides the facility of heart bypass surgery or coronary artery bypass graft and has been responsible for many successful heart surgeries. The hospital comprises of a staff of some of the most efficient and reputed doctors including the best heart doctor in India. The Hospital is equipped with all the new technology cli advanced machines and equipments that help to give very high precision and accuracy. With the use of robot in heart bypass surgery it has now become possible to conduct the surgery by a minimally invasive technique thereby increasing the success rate of the surgery as well as making it suitable for the patients who were not eligible for open heart bypass surgery earlier.

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